Friday, June 17, 2011

Topshop, Diet Coke and the MMVA's

Today was one of the best days; Topshop is coming to Canada at the Fairview Mall in the Bay, and set up a pop-up shop for today and tomorrow on Queen West and Soho St. in a parking lot, just to give everyone a little peek at what to come. It was amazing, they gave away free frozen yogurt and set up lawn chairs and had a DJ and everything. They expected so many people that I even snapped two police officers on horseback standing by to control the crowd if necessary. Although it didn't get out of control, the customers were rabid; such a scramble for everything, a girl even plucked a pair of shoes out of my friends hand and bought them before she could say anything!

Across the street from Topshop was a Diet Coke paired with Joe Fresh truck with the back open and a tiny little shop inside it. My friend and I got our nails and makeup done for free, while trying on the new Joe Fresh Runway collection, which is to die for! We loved it so much that we booked it to our neighbourhood Loblaws and scooped up all the Joe stuff we could carry! We also got some of those cute original Diet Coke bottles as a souviner from our little trip to the mini-store.

The Much Music Video Awards were also setting up for the show on Sunday, and we watched Far East Movement and Fefe Dobson preform for their sound check, and Down With Webster was going to preform, but they're playing at my prom on Friday so we figured we could wait until our own private concert to hear them! Fefe Dobson was amazing live, and Far East Movement managed to get the crown jumping.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Living for Blue

Don't you hate it when you ask your parents if they're getting you something in particular, and they say they aren't, but then you convince yourself that they're lying to keep you in the dark and they really did get you the thing you asked for, only to find yourself disappointed when you get the gift and it turns out they were telling the truth? Well, that happened to me, only I wasn't disappointed with the gift I got instead!

I've usually considered myself a Swarovski girl, probably to fool myself into thinking I dont prefer Tiffanys rather than the realization that I can't afford it, but yesterday my parents presented me with part of my graduation gift; a Tiffanys bracelet! I was so happy and have been wearing it nonstop, though I'm terrified I'm going to scratch it.

I've loved not just Tiffanys but they're signature colour for years now. My parents are re-painting all the rooms in our house, and I begged my mom to no end to let me paint mine the signature Tiffany blue, and after much harassment she said yes! I am so excited to get painting.
I'm finally finishing exams now, but I'm terrified that I won't be able to maintain my grades to continue onto Ryerson next year. I'm pretty worried, but have been hitting the books hard so hopefully all goes well! xoxo

Monday, June 13, 2011

Nail Polish

I'm a bit of a nail polish snob, I must admit. You can almost always find me with my nails painted, although I bite my nails to no end so they always look like they were painted by a kindergardner who took a razer to my cuticles. I've collected almost 100 nail polishes over the years, which I've then edited out until I have my all time favourite colours. If you think about it, with my nail polish snobbiness only going for OPI and Essie, when you spend $10 on a nail polish, I've spent about $1000 on nail polishes over the years. Usually unacceptable, but I make allowances.

My favourite colours of all time range from a very dark eggplant purple (Lincon Park After Dark, OPI) to the lightest blue (Borrowed and Blue, by Essie). You can check out the website,, to try on virtual nail polish, although I must warn that as it's a good place to go to find out the colours you like, don't take the colours on the virtual hand for granted, because when I've gone back to look at the colours I've bought, they really look quite different in reality vs. online.

My most recent favourite collection has just come out by Essie, called Braziliant, I beleive? The collections named after its main colour, a coral orange that looks great with a tan, but works as well on my pale hands. The other colours are a range of blue and pink, all perfect colours for the beach!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Worlds Most Exclusive Website

So I have a full blown girl crush on Coco Rocha, a fellow Canadian and in my opinion, the best model in the fashion industry. I follow her on twitter and tumblr, and two days ago she posted the most intersting thing that I haven't stopped thinking about. is a digital art project that can only be accessed by a verified twitter account. Coco took some screenshots of each "level" that you can get to, and the amount of followers you have dictates how far you can get.

If you dont have a verified account and you try to enter, you will be directed to the Olive Garden's website. I think thats hilarious, even though I've never seen/gone to an Olive Garden before, but the overall website catering to a select few seems pretty obnoxious to me. I'm also willing to bet a million dollars (Canadian, of course) that the final level has pictures of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber with a personal message to them, seeing as they're the ones with the most followers on twitter.


I've been batteling wicked cold/flu-like symptoms over the past few days, a souvenir from my 24 hour slopfest on Thursday and Friday to celebrate the end of high school. I really regret it now because my exams start tomorrow morning, and I can hardly open my eyes from the amount of cold medicine I'm on, much less study!

My parents want to know what I'd like as a graduation present, but as they're already taking me and my sisters to Hawaii after school ends I'm trying to keep it to a minimum! I'd love one of these chunky watches though, to pair with some mismatched bracelets. Plus the actual time-telling part of the watch would be handy for my summer job, as we're not allowed cell phones to check the time, merely to keep up the childrens amusement park expectation of perfect employees.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cliche Title Here

I've had some bad experiences with blogs in the past, whether it was my friends and I trying to gossip about our schoolmates, or trying to create a blog that just overall was too personal. After taking grade 12 Writers Craft I thought I should try again, but try not to write/post to appeal to an audience. So this is my official try, posting what I like, when I like. Good luck to me.