Sunday, June 12, 2011


I've been batteling wicked cold/flu-like symptoms over the past few days, a souvenir from my 24 hour slopfest on Thursday and Friday to celebrate the end of high school. I really regret it now because my exams start tomorrow morning, and I can hardly open my eyes from the amount of cold medicine I'm on, much less study!

My parents want to know what I'd like as a graduation present, but as they're already taking me and my sisters to Hawaii after school ends I'm trying to keep it to a minimum! I'd love one of these chunky watches though, to pair with some mismatched bracelets. Plus the actual time-telling part of the watch would be handy for my summer job, as we're not allowed cell phones to check the time, merely to keep up the childrens amusement park expectation of perfect employees.

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