Monday, June 13, 2011

Nail Polish

I'm a bit of a nail polish snob, I must admit. You can almost always find me with my nails painted, although I bite my nails to no end so they always look like they were painted by a kindergardner who took a razer to my cuticles. I've collected almost 100 nail polishes over the years, which I've then edited out until I have my all time favourite colours. If you think about it, with my nail polish snobbiness only going for OPI and Essie, when you spend $10 on a nail polish, I've spent about $1000 on nail polishes over the years. Usually unacceptable, but I make allowances.

My favourite colours of all time range from a very dark eggplant purple (Lincon Park After Dark, OPI) to the lightest blue (Borrowed and Blue, by Essie). You can check out the website,, to try on virtual nail polish, although I must warn that as it's a good place to go to find out the colours you like, don't take the colours on the virtual hand for granted, because when I've gone back to look at the colours I've bought, they really look quite different in reality vs. online.

My most recent favourite collection has just come out by Essie, called Braziliant, I beleive? The collections named after its main colour, a coral orange that looks great with a tan, but works as well on my pale hands. The other colours are a range of blue and pink, all perfect colours for the beach!

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