Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Worlds Most Exclusive Website

So I have a full blown girl crush on Coco Rocha, a fellow Canadian and in my opinion, the best model in the fashion industry. I follow her on twitter and tumblr, and two days ago she posted the most intersting thing that I haven't stopped thinking about. is a digital art project that can only be accessed by a verified twitter account. Coco took some screenshots of each "level" that you can get to, and the amount of followers you have dictates how far you can get.

If you dont have a verified account and you try to enter, you will be directed to the Olive Garden's website. I think thats hilarious, even though I've never seen/gone to an Olive Garden before, but the overall website catering to a select few seems pretty obnoxious to me. I'm also willing to bet a million dollars (Canadian, of course) that the final level has pictures of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber with a personal message to them, seeing as they're the ones with the most followers on twitter.

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